November 4, 2008

Halloween '08

We had two of Josh’s friends over for Halloween, Trent and Kyra, and had a great time. We made mummy dogs and let them dip them in blood (otherwise known as ketchup). It was fun!

Mummy Dogs - Easy to make & fun!

After dinner it was time to get dressed up and hit the streets for some trick or treating. The dress-up at the Govier house was something like this:

Josh: Buzz Lightyear
Owen: Woody (the cutest chubby Woody EVER!)
Trent: Helicopter pilot (his dad is serving in Iraq as a Helicopter pilot right now)
Kyra: Ballerina Princess

The kids really had a good time and definitely scored BIG on candy.

In fact, Josh could not stop eating his candy and must have been sneaking it from Tim & I as he got VERY sick that evening. Oh well, important lesson learned - - - LISTEN TO MOMMY & DADDY!

October 13, 2008

Our Mexico Trip

Well, as most everyone knows - I am turning 30 this Thursday! Ugh! Oh well, such is life! Anyway, Tim and I went to Mexico to celebrate and we had a GREAT time!

The kids stayed with my parents for 2 1/2 days and Tim's mom for another 2 1/2 days. From my understanding Josh was excellent. Owen decided to get double ear infections while we were gone so he definitely kept the grandparents on their toes! Tim and I are VERY appreciative for having such wonderful parents that will watch our children and let us have some much needed time away.

Tim and I got to Dallas on Saturday and had dinner with some friends, Chris & Jane and their children, Marshall and Chloe. It was wonderful to see everyone again. It had been right at 10 yrs. since I last saw Chris and Jane at Texas A&M. Tim and I enjoyed seeing their precious children as well. Little Chloe was 2 weeks old and such and angel. Marshall reminds me a lot of Josh - both in looks and personality. They are a great family!

We flew to Mexico on Sunday afternoon and had a wonderful time. Everyone keeps asking ... "so, what did you guys do?" and really, for the most part, we RELAXED! We spent most of our time at the swim-up bar and sitting in the sun reading. We did one excursion, we went on a Jungle Tour and that was a lot of fun! We rented a speed boat and went through the "jungle" and then to a coral reef in the middle of the ocean for snorkeling. Tim had a shark swim 3 ft. underneath him and he about jumped out of the water. Our guide, simply said "no worries, no worries" .... hmmmm ..... really?

Other than that, we enjoyed just being "us" again and our time at the all-inclusive resort.

The Boys Well-Care Visit

The boys had their well-care appointments on Friday, October 4th. It was a happy visit for both (meaning, no shots!). Everything went very well, here are the stats:

Josh - 4 yr. checkup
Height - 38.25" (15th percentile)
Weight - 35.5 lbs. (60th percentile)

Owen - 9 mo. checkup
Height - 28.5" (60th percentile)
Weight - 23 lbs. (87th percentile)

Tulsa State Fair

Josh had his first sleep-over! His best buddy, Trent, went to the State Fair with us and then stayed the night. The two are so cute together and had such a great time!

Josh and Adalyn's Birthday Celebration

Josh and his cousin, Adalyn, celebrated their birthday's with each other the weekend of September 27th. Josh turned 4 and Adalyn turned 2.

Josh and Owen spent some time with their aunt, uncle and cousins on Saturday and Tim and I went to the OU game - we had a great time! On Sunday, we let the kids swim at the hotel in the morning and then decided to go to the Pumpkin Patch in Arcadia that afternoon. We all had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch - I must say, it was quite an impressive set-up. There was a petting zoo, a corn maze, hayrides, tire swing, etc.

Adalyn - 2 yrs. old

Josh- 4 yrs. old

Josh & Adalyn at the petting a goat

Adalyn was so nervous feeding the goats - but she loved doing it!

Owen with a cowboy hat - too cute!

Owen LOVED the animals!

Josh and his Aunt Kari

Avery and Josh on a tractor

The Govier-Brown Family

Grandma with all her grandkids

The Govier Family

Okay, so this was TOO good to not include ... but we ALL (well, not Owen) took a turn on the tire swing. I am still laughing! The best was Karen - the expression on her face was priceless!

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