April 17, 2008

Owen's Baptism

~ Owen ~

May the Lord protect you

precious one and bless you

every day that you may

grow in peace and love and be

one with His own dear Son.

It is official; Owen Gregory Govier was baptized on Sunday, April 13, 2008. He actually did quite well, although he did not care too much for the holy water being poured over his head and that we were interfering with his naptime! After the baptism, our pastor walked Owen around and met the congregation as everyone sang a song “Owen, Owen, God Loves You …” It was very sweet!

Owen has a tremendous support network! I just want to send a special thanks to everyone who came - we appreciate your love and support as we welcomed Owen into Christ’s family.

April 9, 2008

Sweet & Sassy – Avery’s 6th Birthday Party

Saturday, April 5th was Avery’s 6th Birthday (Josh & Owen’s Cousin). Avery had a great girl party at Sweet and Sassy in Edmond. All the girls got their hair done and dressed up like princesses – then they walked the runway and were introduced as a princess, crowned and sprinkled with pixy-dust. Wow … the girls loved it!

Josh was a little taken back with the all girl explosion - he was in search for mud, bugs or something BOY! To get Josh to participate, Tim and I bought him a knight costume and he was introduced as a prince - it was quite the sceen.

I will admit that I did, for a moment, think about dressing him up as a princess. Man, that would have made a priceless picture! he he he .. I know, I know … I am an evil mom!

Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up

We decided to surprise Josh with tickets to Elmo on Friday, March 25. Tim and I picked Josh and Owen up from school and we headed back into Tulsa for the show. Josh really didn’t have a clue what we were doing and then Elmo and Big Bird came out … Josh’s mouth dropped and he started waving – it was adorable! Then he turned and asked “are we at Disney World?” He is just too precious! Owen liked the lights but really seemed annoyed with the noise. However, he did well at the show – we just gave him a bottle and he was fast asleep after intermission.

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