July 16, 2009


Josh did it! Today, he decided he had the hang of the bike and he rode, and rode, and rode some more. By the end of the night he was going up and down driveways and weaving in and out between the sidewalk, street and driveways. He did awesome! I cannot believe how he picked it up so quickly. What a proud parent moment.
Kudos to Tim for teaching Josh to ride his bike without training wheels!

A Day @ Lake Tenkiller

We met Tim’s family at Lake Tenkiller for a day on the lake. Tim’s sister borrows a lake house from their friends every now and then and this time we got to partake in the fun. When we arrived, we quickly got things together and spent the better part of the afternoon on the lake. Other than that, we cooked out that evening and Tim, Gene, Avery and Josh fished that night. All of the kids really enjoyed their time together.

Trip to Houston – 4th of July Weekend

We decided to brave the road and headed to Houston to visit my sister and family – I must admit I was extremely skeptical and hesitant putting two adults, a 4-year old and an 18-month old in a confined area for 8 hours. Most who know me, know that I would typically define that moment in life as “living hell”. I wish I were wrong in this assumption, but this glorious road-trip simply proved that long car trips are just simply not my cup of tea. Flying + Benadryl = Happy Mommy!

Once we arrived in Houston we made a BIG mistake in checking the outside temperature in our car – ignorance is bliss when it comes to the temperature in Houston and not knowing that it was 106 would have been okay. ;-)

So, beside the road trip and the temperature it was WONDERFUL seeing my sister and family. We enjoyed shopping, a 4th of July celebration, and a great day at Splashtown (only about 250% better than Big Splash).
My niece and nephew were so loving and it was wonderful catching up on my missed hugs. Josh and Owen really enjoyed spending time with their cousins.

As you will see in the pictures below, the kids had a great time with the slip ‘n slide. Tim would pick up JR and Josh and “help” them slide down the slip ‘n slide and they would go flying down the slippery slope at unbelievable speeds – JR and Josh thought this was so much fun and just giggled the entire time.