March 9, 2009

Josh's First Soccer Game

Josh had his first soccer game on Saturday, March 7th. He was so excited to meet his team and play. Josh is on the yellow team and knows 2 of his teammates from school. The little U4 and U5 players are so stinkin' cute!

The yellow team played the lime green team this past weekend and luckily we do not keep score! The lime green team is the oldest of the U5's and the yellow team is the youngest of the U4's - was not a very fair match up, but the kids still had a great time. The kids are just excited to be out there - the yellow team even cheered for the lime green team every time they scored. Ha!

Owen at Josh's first game ...

On the way to the game ... am I cute or what?

He is just walking all over the place now.

So sweet.

Put me in coach!