March 16, 2011

Dear snow: You are only great for a day and by the way, I don’t like you!

Snow. Snow. Snow. Holy mother of snow! The amount of snow we got this year set records and was unreal. It shut Tulsa down – stores, businesses, roads, everything came to a standstill. Grocery stores were bare and the wind chill was brutal. The first blizzard brought just over 22” to my home, followed by a 6” weird melt away day, and then followed by another 12” of snow. Oklahoma is overly hormonal sometimes. Please note: being locked inside is now tested and proven TO NOT BE FOR ME! I am glad the snow has finally left our area and that I am currently looking outside to a 75 degree day! Sunshine makes me happy.

BIG Surprises Headed Their Way!

So, Tim and I are about to surprise the hello-kitty out of our children. Operation awesome vacation is booked! The kids DO NOT KNOW and that is for 2 reasons … (1) I do not want to be asked a million times a week if “it’s time” and (2) The surprise is going to be sooooo awesome. Yes, we will be the dorky family that videos the big announcement. ;o)

In the meantime … I look forward to Mother’s Day Weekend when Mickey calls my kids and welcomes them aboard the Disney Magic and we sail away to the Eastern Caribbean. I am so freaking excited!!

Owen's 3rd Birthday

My little man turned 3 on December 30th. What can I say about this kid? Well, in short - Owen is a rockstar! He is funny, kind, loving, opinionated, laid-back ... he is just a cool kid. He is very similar to his big brother, yet very different too. I absolutely adore being his mama.

To celebrate we had the family over on New Years Eve. Owen loved the attention and all his presents. Thank you to everyone who made his day special. Happy Birthday O!

Christmas 2010

As usual Christmas was filled with F-U-N at the Govier house. Josh and Owen who are at the perfect age for Christmas did not disappoint their parents with Christmas magic. Thomas, our elf, arrived at our door just after Thanksgiving and Josh literally lit up and ran through the house just absolutely elated that Santa sent Thomas back to watch after my kiddos. I wish I had known that Josh’s response to Thomas’ arrival would have been that awesome – the video camera would have been rolling! It was absolutely amazing.

I had to take 2 weeks of required vacation time in December so I headed to Houston for a few days to see my sister and family with the boys. Tim had to stay in Tulsa to work – life of a Controller at year-end, I guess. Anyway, the boys and I had a great time in Houston. We enjoyed the White Trash Sweater Party at my sister’s house and just hanging out with their family. I wish we lived closer as my sister is my best friend and it would be great to spend more time with her and her family. Love those Dougherty’s!

Christmas morning the boys awoke at 6:30 a.m. – I was actually pretty impressed that they made it that long! Karen joined us bright and early and was at our house before we were awake. The boys opened their gifts from Santa and then their gifts from us immediately after. We enjoyed breakfast together and then the kids played with their new toys as we watched the Disney Parade.

Christmas Day was spent with my family and although it was hectic, it was great! I am a family girl and will always love the time I get to spend with my parents, grandparents, and my brother’s family. The day after Christmas was spent with the Govier family. Josh, Owen, Avery and Adalyn play so well together and they always enjoy their time together. Add new presents to that mix and you have a recipe for success!

Christmas for me, besides the religious side, has morphed into amazing moments of watching Christmas magic dance in the eyes of my children, nephews and nieces. Watching them open presents and light up with glee and is absolutely intoxicating and I don’t think I will ever get enough of it – I love it!

"Be Still and Know that I am God"

I have went back-and-forth on whether or not to write about the below information and have finally decided to post a brief paragraph on what happened to our family last November.

Since I last posted, my family was hit with horrible news. On November 8th, Tim and I went to the ob/gyn to find out the gender of our expected baby, I was 15-weeks pregnant. Unfortunately what we found out was that the baby no longer had a heartbeat. I had a D&C on November 11th and have really struggled with this loss since that date. Every day gets better, but for me personally I still occasionally get blindsided with emotion over this loss. I am no longer angry, but I am still sad. Besides the actual loss, the thing that hurts the most is how the medical community refers to a D&C as an abortion. To try to stomach that I somehow had a choice in this matter is extremely difficult for me. However, what I have chosen is to remain strong in my faith and to try to live by the mantra “Be Still and Know that I am God”. I know that there is a miraculous plan that I do not understand and has not been revealed to me. I also look forward to one day meeting the child I lost at heaven’s gate.