December 16, 2010

Halloween 2010

The best part of Halloween this year? We were not sick - whoooo hoooo!!!!! Last year all 4 of us had the swine flu so it was so nice to be healthy this year. Very thankful to be healthy!!!

In the past I have been able to make my kids match with Halloween, which for my own selfish reasons I like. Two years ago we had Woody and Buzz, last year was Batman and Robin … this year my kiddos developed their own opinions and we had Wolverine and Handy Manny. Even though they did not “match” they were so cute! We went to the Phillips House for chili and trick or treating and had a great time hanging out with friends. Josh and Trent had fun running around the neighborhood and even ran into 2 more of their friends, Matt and Dani, and the 4 of them tackled the neighborhood and scored some serious candy. Owen, by nature, is a very timid child. At first, he did not know what to think about the scary costumes or the idea of going up to some random house and saying trick or treat. Well, when he figured out that they gave him candy, all fears were washed away and he was on a mission. It was pretty funny how quickly he flipped from being scared to being this little man who could conquer Halloween.

Frontier City @ Halloween

After church we decided to drive to OKC and take the boys to Frontier City. Josh and Owen had such a great time. Josh rode his first roller coaster with Tim and he loved it! The park even had a trick-or-treat event for the kids and they thought it was amazing. Next year, we will have to dress the kiddos in their Halloween costumes and head that direction again. Definite repeat.

Pumpkin Patch

One Sunday in mid-October we headed to Porter, OK to Livesay Orchard to spend some time at the Pumpkin Patch. This pumpkin patch is truly out past the middle of nowhere! We enjoyed a hay ride to the actual pumpkin patch where we picked our pumpkin and then we spent some time in the hay maze. The boys had fun running around the Livesay Farm and pumpkin patch. I will say the pumpkins we purchased from there were huge and looked great in our yard.

Josh's Birthday

Josh turned 6 this year. The past 6 years, just like every year so far, seem to fly by and before we know it we’re celebrating another birthday. A lot of big moments for Josh have occurred over the past year: end of daycare, loss of 1st two teeth, start of Kindergarten, etc. It has been a great year of milestones and watching him grow into a young man is awesome! Josh is outgoing, sweet, and so very loving – he is simply a great kid.

This year for his birthday he had a water balloon battle with some friends in the backyard followed by a sleepover. Josh had such a great time. Tim spent hours getting 500+ water balloons filled and set-up for the optimal battle. The battle itself actually lasted for probably 15 minutes, but the kids had a blast. Afterwards, they just played in the sprinklers and slip ‘n slide. We had a pirate piƱata and Josh was first to take a swing. In one single hit, Josh decapitated the poor pirate’s head and candy was everywhere. The sleepover was a success and the kids were so well behaved.

The next day, we had the family over to celebrate Josh’s birthday. Josh only wanted to play the egg and spoon game with his cousins and the 3 boys are well, boys and they all competitive. It was pretty funny watching them compete with each other.