March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend 2008

The Govier Boys

I am so excited! Some of our friends have a blog and it is an amazing way to keep friends and family in the loop. I love checking out their blog and just seeing what is going on in their world and how their sweet baby, Marshall, is doing each week. Thank you Chris and Jane for the idea!

Josh and Owen had a pretty busy Easter weekend. We celebrated with the Govier family on Saturday and the Spencer family on Sunday. It was like Halloween with the amount of candy that Josh collected over the 3 Easter Egg hunts he participated in - amazing, simply amazing! I should make a dentist appointment now!

Before the Easter experience began, I, being the bright & intelligent person that I am, scheduled pictures for Spring Break/Easter weekend. OMG! I am nuts! I have learned an important lesson - NEVER do that again! It was packed - full of children in their Sunday best. The appointments were running 1 hour behind and with an infant that is just a recipe for disaster. Owen was cranky and not in the mood for pictures. Josh took some great pics! However, like my good friend Becky constantly says "this was them at this time" and "this is how they should be captured". I am thrilled we captured the moment and I am equally thrilled that this experience is finished!

In the life of our children ...

Owen is now 12 weeks and he really started smiling & interacting with us a lot this week. I love it! He also started reaching for his toys and batting at all the toys that hang down from his car seat. I have been told that colic outgrows between 10-12 weeks and that one day you will just wake up to a new and un-cranky baby. Well, I think we had that moment on Monday. He has been much happier and not fussy since Monday and I cannot tell you how happy Tim and I are that we seem to have outgrown that challenging experience. For all the parents who have had a colicy child, I am sure you understand.

Josh is such a terrific kid. He constantly amazes me with what he learns each day. He brought home two pictures this week - one looked like a stained glass and he was only allowed to color in the toothbrush and toothpaste in the mix of all the other shapes - the next picture was six fire hydrant's and he was only allowed to color the fire hydrant's that had the number 12 in them - well, he did great! I am just constantly impressed with him. He is now learning to write his name, he is not there yet, but he can recognize his name if he sees it. Josh loves being a big brother! Josh thinks Owen is pretty great and he is such a big helper. Anytime I ask him to entertain Owen for a minute or get me a diaper he is more than happy to lend a helping hand. I am very pleased with Josh's transition into having to share our time with a sibling. I know this will not last, but for now - Tim and I will savor and enjoy these moments!
Until next time ...