October 22, 2012


I am 34 years old and still learning lessons every day. I must admit that most lessons are taught to me by my children who are masters at reminding me to slow down, take it easy, and to enjoy every single moment this life has to offer. Masters, I tell you ... freakishly amazing mini-masters at life-lessons.

Anyway, we all know life is CRAZY and good Lord, holy moly, it is busy.  However, in the craziness of life, I lost sight of a really important gift this life has offered me outside my immediate family. The gift? sorority sisters/friends. I could have never imagined that a decision I made 15 years ago would still mean so much to me. I simply forgot. I moved on with my life and I forgot. However, this weekend – I was reminded that the women I lived with in college are pretty amazing and I need them in my life more than ever and definitely more than just as a Facebook friend/contact. I only had a chance to reunite with 4 of my sorority sisters (I unfortunately missed the big reunion) but those 4 ladies reminded that the friends I made at AGD truly mean the world to me and that I am connected to them in ways that no other friendship will ever be able to duplicate. We laughed and laughed and laughed on Saturday – it was great! I am stunned and simply in awe of how much I miss those girls and I am going to make some changes, recapture, and rebuild those awesome friendships. Love and loyalty girls! Thanks for the life lesson.

June 11, 2012

Our Life ... over the last 6 months

I do not know how to keep up with anything anymore.  There, I said it - coming from an obsessive, compulsive, overly organized, working, hands-on, wanting to be everything for everyone mommy … that statement is rather rough for this chick.  But, a new reality has set in – I have 3 perfect boys to raise now and I am trying to soak up everything about them and live more in the moment.  I know that time somehow is being whisked away from me and before I know it I will be writing about first loves, first heartbreaks, driving, college, and more.  Excuse me while I cry and throw-up now.  Sigh. So, anyway, what this means for this blog is posts like this – 5-6 month recap’s and snapshots of our life.

I probably should start with our biggest news … meet our newest son, Preston James. Preston was named after my Granny’s father and he also holds Tim’s middle name.  He is perfect.

Preston decided to join our family a month early and no amount of modern medicine could stop his determination.  Preston was born on February 24, 2012 at 5:32 p.m. weighing 6lbs 2oz and was 19 inches long. He is perfect, cuddly, sweet and beautiful.  We adore him and he completes us.  I think Preston is going to be our calm – he just seems to have that demeanor.   And we had an opening in our family for “calm” so it fits rather well. Sure, he cries – but only if there is something wrong (cough, cough, Owen - haha).  Preston is already a mama’s boy and well, that is okay with me especially since he is my last.  Preston LOVES cuddling while napping and it is entirely heartwarming and it’s those moments that remind me that the hard job of being a mom is all really worth it.

In other news – Owen turned 4.  Somehow this kid grew into a young preschooler in what seemed like overnight.  He hit a growth spurt right after Preston was born and I remember watching him color one night and thinking “dear God, how did you get so big”.  Owen is simply black and white and there is little room for grey in his world (probably a future accountant or engineer).  He likes to color, loves to read stories, loves watching movies, taking baths, eating sweets, and being goofy.  He hates extreme heat and extreme cold – he demands perfection and we live in Oklahoma (meaning, he is typically in a constant state of frustration). His favorites right now are Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear, Alvin and the Chipmunks – basically talking animals.  Owen is a crazy rule follower and he loves helping when asked.  He too is rather perfect.  Love my O-man.

Josh is now finished with first grade.  What. The. Heck?  Josh has flown thru 1st grade and is definitely ready for summer! He has been on the count-down for over a month now.  Josh is starting to develop a sarcastic personality and LOVES messing with me.  He is actually pretty funny and keeps me on my toes … all the time. Josh is extremely involved in soccer and we spend a ton of time either at soccer practice, games, tournaments, etc.  Here’s the deal … he’s good and he enjoys it.  He is really starting to become quite the goalie and has no fear.  This makes my heart skip a beat, but again … he likes it.  However, there is nothing quite like legs and feet swinging toward your child’s heads as he dives for a ball.  Someone get me a cocktail because I am going to need it to get through the knocked out teeth and ER visits.  Also, he would HATE that I am writing this down but he is secretly noticing girls.  I mean, they are still gross and no one will ever be as cool as his mom (obviously) - but I have noticed some head turning, some cologne wearing, and wanting to “look nice” taking place.  I must start praying A LOT because I have a feeling those little Frank Sinatra eyes of his are going to make his mommy’s hair turn grey early.  Again, cocktail – now. Oh … and yes, Josh is the original model – of course he is perfect! 

So life with 3 boys … it’s kinda great.  Our home is filled with noise and dirt and most importantly lots of love and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Okay maybe I could request a volume adjustment and less dirt – nah, they are busy being kids and making memories.   Must remember this.

December 5, 2011

Christmas lights are up!

My husband did a great job getting the lights on our house. I love it - thanks Tim.
You're the best! xoxo

That crazy elf, Thomas

Here are some of the adventures our elf, Thomas, has been up to this year. He has become quite ornery and the boys love it! Thanks to Pinterest for the new and fun ideas! Christmas magic is alive and well at the Govier home. More pics to come ...

Rappelling and hanging upside down in the Christmas tree

Having a race with some of the boys cars

Hiding in the juice glass, standing in place of a nut cracker
and riding back from the North Pole on Lego airplane

Thomas brought the boys stickers from Santa.
But, he had to have a little fun with them first …

Roasting marshmallows – elf style

Oh, that stinkin’ elf TP’d our tree- the boys loved this one!

A time of reflection, a time to have faith, a time of thanksgiving ...

Miscarriage is such a dirty word. If you know someone who has suffered a miscarriage or worse a stillbirth – hug them and love them – they need it. As someone who has lost one in the early stages and has lost one in the 2nd trimester I can tell you it is horrible and quite frankly while life goes on, the bitter truth of loss does not weaken with time. I can also tell you those dates of loss are forever burned in my mind and as the years pass they will haunt me. It doesn’t matter how richly blessed my life is – those dates stop me in my tracks and I cannot help but think what might have been. December 25, 2009 and November 8, 2010 are my dates of reflection.

After we lost the baby in November 2010, it took me a few weeks to even recognize myself again. When I finally started to feel again, Tim and I discussed what we were going to do about completing our family. You see, just because a loss strikes does not mean your dreams of completing your family die as well. No one really seemed to get this – except those who have miscarried or lost a child. We first talked about adoption. In fact I was pushing in that direction because I did not want to risk the pain of losing again. I tried to force myself into a place of being content with adoption being our answer, which simply did not work. While the pre-approval was easy, there was a voice inside me that told me to have faith in myself. That the road to adoption, while admirable and remarkable for people who take it, was not the road I needed to take at this time. I was asked to have faith.

In mid-December 2010 I walked into the doors of Tulsa Fertility Center. Wow, what a weird, humbling moment. I felt a little out of place as I have been blessed with 2 healthy, wonderful boys – why did I need to be seen at a fertility center? What I needed from TFC was two things - first, I needed to know why we lost; and second I needed to know if carrying our own baby was even a possibility anymore. After a few procedures and lots of blood work I was told our reason for loss was plain and simple bad luck. Well, thanks for that double-shot of honesty. There were some other tests that needed to be ran when/if I got pregnant, but for the most part – there was no reason we could not get pregnant and carry a baby to term. Try again.

We got pregnant June 2011 – when we figured this out a month later, the monitoring, worry, and major blood work really began. I decided to go back to the doctor who delivered Owen and I am so glad that I did. This group of doctors in Owasso are rock stars. In short, they cared enough to roll up their sleeves and monitor me closely so we could get to a place of safety, a place we could breathe again. The goal … 20 weeks. During the every week appointments and blood work we found out what happened – it turns out that my progesterone level plummets and cannot support a pregnancy. Since progesterone levels are not something they typically monitor, it easily slipped through the cracks. I was told the first one (because of how early it was) really was bad luck, but that the second was more than likely a direct result of my progesterone levels. The solution was a simple fix; a tiny pill that allowed me to keep my progesterone level where it needed to be until the placenta effectively could take over. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and I am looking forward to meeting my 3rd son. The time of thanksgiving has begun.

September 29, 2011

Josh’s 7th Birthday

7 years old. Wow. Sweet Josh turned 7 on September 23rd. For his birthday we gave him the option of having a friend party or inviting a few people to go camping. He quickly and firmly chose camping. His first invite was to his best friend, Trent, who lives in Owasso and I am so happy he came. Josh and Trent just have so much fun together – true buddies! Seeing the 2 of them play together and joke with each other is extremely heartwarming.

I have a few coworkers who were extremely generous and let us borrow their camper and the other brought her boat to complete Josh’s camping experience. The boys had so much fun just being boys. The lake water in Oklahoma is now cold, but that did not stop Josh from “getting his feet wet” which then turned into him jumping in the lake fully clothed. Owen enjoyed pushing his brother in when he realized it was okay. I cooked outside for dinner and breakfast and that was fun – everyone seemed to like it – I think? Tim got the privilege of sleeping in a tent for the night with Josh and Trent and Uncle Gene and Avery slept in the other tent. Owen and I chilled out in the camper – because why would you sleep in a tent when you have a camper? Anyone? Anyone? Yea, my thoughts exactly. Haha.

Anyway, some other neat camping experiences were that we had 6 deer come really close to our camp site and Josh and Tim caught their first catfish together. Although I was not present for the fishing outing – it was my understanding that Josh’s expression was priceless. So all in all, we had a whole bunch of boy fun and it was the perfect birthday for Josh. Success!