April 16, 2009

Josh's First Goal

On April 15th, we had a make-up soccer game for the snow day back in March.
Josh had a GREAT game! He really stayed on the ball; kept his head up, and boy did it pay off!! Josh scored his first goal and the look on his face was so wonderful. Tim and I got teary eyed because we were just so stinkin’ proud of him - what an awesome moment. Then, to top it off (even though we are not supposed to really keep score), Josh scored the game-winning goal! 2 goals ... wow, what a day! Here are the pics of his first goal and then some other random pics I have taken recently...

April 6, 2009

Elmo's Green Thumb

This is a favorite time of year for Josh - he loves seeing characters come to life. Although, he really does not watch Sesame Street anymore, he enjoys going to see Elmo every year. He waves at all of the characters, he laughs and giggles - it is intoxicating to watch the magic in his eyes.

Since Tim has been traveling so much recently with work, we wanted this to be a special day with Josh, mommy, and daddy. Grandma watched Owen so we could have a date with our son and it was so nice to be able to focus solely on Josh. He is such a great kid!

Living in OK is so exciting!

If you are not from Oklahoma, you really cannot understand the bizarre weather we have in the springtime. It is crazy - you simply never know what you are going to get. One day, it could be in the 80’s the next day you could have a blizzard.

If anything, the weather in Oklahoma keeps you on your toes. This spring has been especially strange. Here are some pics the day after our latest snowstorm on March 28th. Most of the snow had already melted - we got roughly 5 inches the day before these pics were taken.

I really like the one with snow and tulips!

It was only a matter of time ...

So, mommy and daddy are getting ready. Owen is taking a nap. Josh, so we think, is watching Beethoven - we were wrong!!!

Earlier that morning, Josh asked me to spike his hair so being the best mommy ever I did as he asked. Apparently there were a few hairs out of place so Josh pulled a chair to our "junk drawer", got the scissors, and then CUT HIS HAIR! Omgosh, if Tim could have had a video camera - I am sure my facial expression was classic.

Josh's response, "I was just trying to make myself look pretty, mommy".

Now, how can you get mad at that??? At least it isn't that bad ... I know it could have been much worse!