October 22, 2012


I am 34 years old and still learning lessons every day. I must admit that most lessons are taught to me by my children who are masters at reminding me to slow down, take it easy, and to enjoy every single moment this life has to offer. Masters, I tell you ... freakishly amazing mini-masters at life-lessons.

Anyway, we all know life is CRAZY and good Lord, holy moly, it is busy.  However, in the craziness of life, I lost sight of a really important gift this life has offered me outside my immediate family. The gift? sorority sisters/friends. I could have never imagined that a decision I made 15 years ago would still mean so much to me. I simply forgot. I moved on with my life and I forgot. However, this weekend – I was reminded that the women I lived with in college are pretty amazing and I need them in my life more than ever and definitely more than just as a Facebook friend/contact. I only had a chance to reunite with 4 of my sorority sisters (I unfortunately missed the big reunion) but those 4 ladies reminded that the friends I made at AGD truly mean the world to me and that I am connected to them in ways that no other friendship will ever be able to duplicate. We laughed and laughed and laughed on Saturday – it was great! I am stunned and simply in awe of how much I miss those girls and I am going to make some changes, recapture, and rebuild those awesome friendships. Love and loyalty girls! Thanks for the life lesson.