August 27, 2009

An evening at the park

Last night, Tim and I decided to take Josh and Owen to the park to burn off some energy. They had a wonderful time and we managed to capture some decent shots. Enjoy!

Owen's First Haircut

Well, against everyone’s approval we did it ... we cut off the curls. It was just time. He looks like such a little man now. Owen did great during the haircut!

Owen is just such a wonderful, sweet, and ornery kiddo - I love that little man!

Before ...

During/After ...

JR and Luke's 6th Birthday

JR and Luke both turned 6 this August! I cannot believe how fast everyone is growing up. They are both in Kindergarten now and it is just crazy that time continues to fly by - where is that stinkin' pause button?

Tim's First 5K

Tim ran his first 5K on August 14th at the Trailblazer Run in downtown Tulsa. He did great and has now inspired me to do the same (one day, anyway).

Great job, honey!