August 4, 2011

House Update

Oh. My. Gosh. Are we ready to get into our new home? Ummm .... YES! Well, it still needs a lot of work but we are done with apartment life. Tim is counting the days and has even started our kids on a chain-link count-down as well. Tim cannot stand living in an apartment - he hates the parking, the close quarters, and especially the neighbors above us. For me - I have had enough of cleaning this apartment. I feel like we change clothes and make dinner and the place is destroyed. My kids are probably sick of walking lightly (yea right), using their quite voice (hahaha) and having their own space (I know, I know, I'm soooo funny!). Anyway, only 95 days to go. We got this!

The Govier Casa

South side of the house

North side of the house

Oklahoma ready!


Looking into the living room

Game room

Standing in the kitchen

Looking back at the kitchen