November 3, 2009

Batman & Robin - Halloween 09

Well, our Halloween weekend was interesting this year. We were all being treated for H1N1 and it was without a doubt, horrible. Luckily we started Josh’s breathing treatments when the virus first came closely into our path and I think that really helped his lungs prepare for this illness. However, he will now be on strict breathing treatments for the remaining of the winter. Owen was diagnosed with the Flu and Strider which is a horrible combination (he sounded like Wheezy on Toy Story). Owen needed steroids for Strider, but could not have steroids because of the Flu. We obviously treated the flu and will go back on Wednesday of this week for steroids to treat Strider. After crazy medical expenses on Friday (OMG!) … we all started to feel better.

We were all feeling 95% better by Saturday morning (Halloween) and since we were through 48 hours of Tamiflu before Halloween night we decided to let the boys have a very LIMITED Halloween experience. Although we were not out long I think they had a great time and it helped to make up for the fact that Josh had just missed his class Halloween party the day before (wow, was that traumatic). The last picture below is how we wrapped up Halloween ... Govier style. ;o)

In the end, Batman and Robin were the cutest kids I have ever seen – and they had fun even playing at our house in their costumes.

We are all feeling better now! Thank goodness.

OKC Trip

We decided to go to OKC to see Tim’s sister’s family on October 24th and just hang out with their family. I really wanted to make it to Norman to take some pics of the kids at OU, but the timing did not work out. Instead, we made it to downtown OKC for some pictures. Getting 4 kids to cooperate was a challenge – but thanks to Photoshop, I think we managed to get some decent pics. I really enjoyed spending some one-on-one time with my nieces, they are such great kids and they constantly make me smile.

Vacation Baby!!!

Oh my goodness, we booked this trip forever ago and it was finally time to set sail. We were all looking forward to a vacation … finally. We cruised on the Carnival Conquest and went to the following ports: Monetgo Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. We had a great time. Josh loved Camp Carnival! Owen missed going by 3 months and in retrospect, we should have waited until he was old enough to go to Camp Carnival. However, our travel agent and friend were on board and her daughter babysat for us a little each day. I cannot believe how quickly vacation came to an end – I swear my normal weeks do not go by that fast! Ha! All-in-all we had a wonderful time and cruising is something we will most definitely do again.

Josh's 5th Birthday

First, I just realized how long it had been since I have updated our blog. I cannot believe I have waited this long. It is time to catch up!

Josh turned 5 on Sept 23rd. He was so excited to turn 5 – I guess he defines being a “big kid” and “grown up” as a 5 year old. I am not going to discuss, if by that logic, what that makes me – yikes!

To celebrate we celebrated with his class at Putt and Jump. The kids had a blast. However, that little party has started a spiral of events at Putt and Jump (I have to admit I am growing pretty tired of that place). ;o)

For his actual birthday, Tim and I brought McDonalds to his class (80 chicken nuggets to be exact – which were ALL devoured –wow!). After lunch I surprised Josh by taking the rest of the day off and we went to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. That evening the family came over for a cook out and to celebrate Josh’s day. It was a fantastic celebration!