June 10, 2008

Crazy? Well, of Course!

I guess I can really stop labeling our monthly posts as “crazy”, because it is going to get a little redundant! In short, May, and for that matter the beginning of June, has been crazy too! But, I guess that is my new reality - one that I should have expected, one that simply landed flat on my lap with the wonderful world of two children! Having two kids has been a tremendous adjustment. Thank goodness there are two of us, we will have to think long and hard before we even consider kid #3 … we will be outnumbered! It just seems if it is not one thing it is another! If daycare is not calling about Owen – they are calling about Josh, if I am not taking Josh to the doctor - I am taking Owen, if Josh is sleeping – then Owen is awake, if Owen is not crying – then Josh is back-talking. Exhausting … completely exhausting! But, I still love it and I wouldn’t trade them for anything! I guess everyone was right … being a mom is the hardest job you will ever have, but also the most rewarding!

Owen had a rough go in May. As most of you know his level of fussy was out of control. We got a call from our daycare at the first of May that simply went something like this … “You have to get him to calm down or he can no longer come to this center”. Holy cow, right? Anyway, we took him back to the doctor and Owen finally showed his true colors - our doctor was simply amazed! She could not believe he had been that miserable and unbearable for roughly 16 weeks. She started to blame it on colic but quickly retreated when she remembered we were dealing with an 18 week old child, not a baby 12 weeks or under. Our doctor brought our “case” to a pediatric board meeting and one of the neonatologists thought that it MIGHT be an artery that was misplaced on his heart, so Owen had an echocardiogram and we quickly ruled that out. Shew! Next, it was time for an Upper GI to make sure he was digesting everything correctly and there was nothing anatomically incorrect with our little bundle of joy. The Upper GI took forever and was, in short, a mom’s worst nightmare. I am talking they strapped him to a papoose board and tied his little head and arms down - I thought I was going to faint! But, we got through it and finally got some answers. Owen has severe acid reflux, he does not empty his stomach fast enough and he appears to have a milk protein allergy (so, no more breast milk). With two GREAT medications and Soy Formula … wait …. wait … wait …. We have a normal and happy baby! Yea! Owen is a joy and his smiles are intoxicating!

Now that Owen is feeling better, he wants to be on the move. He sees what his big brother can do and he wants so bad to move and torment him. Owen started rolling over this week and is quite well at maneuvering his little chubby body. Oh yea, my 5 month old last weighed in at 18lbs. 15oz – let’s just go ahead and call that 19 lbs! WOW, that is a few ounces short on what Josh weighed at 1 year old.

Owen Rolling Over ...

Owen Laughing & Smiling ...

Now onto Josh … Josh is such a big boy! He moved up to the older-3 classroom and is preparing to start PreK-4 – I cannot believe it! Where did time go? He enjoys correcting me (“Well, actually …”) and he loves quizzing me (“mommy, how many motorcycles are right beside us? Good job, mommy!).

Josh also started swim lessons this Monday so hopefully he will be more proficient in the pool this summer. Josh loves the water! You can tell it is summer as Josh’s hair is almost back to bleach blonde! I have to admit, he is pretty stinkin’ cute, if I say so myself!

Tim started his indoor soccer league last week and Josh really enjoyed watching HIS DAD play soccer. He was very proud of Tim and stood on the sidelines cheering “go daddy, go”. He enjoys playing soccer with Tim, whether that be in our backyard or on the field before the game, I truly believe this is the highlight in his little world. Josh will play soccer during recess at school and he and his teacher (who played soccer forever) pass the ball around and she teaches him tricks – it is pretty cool. There is a program called Little Kickers at the indoor soccer arena that we may take Josh to – I think he would like it.

Tim and I both started Weight Watchers and so far, so good. We have been doing pretty well and staying true to the plan. We have been on the plan for 3 weeks now and I have lost 4.2 lbs. and my studmuffin of a husband has lost 16.6 lbs! Hopefully we continue to see improvement week after week - I think since we are doing it together that it should help significantly. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as this is going to be a long journey!

As for me, the above is my world. Between managing this family and working full-time I typically meet myself coming and going.

Well, until next time …