September 24, 2008

Josh Turns Four!

That’s right … Josh turned 4 yesterday! Not to sound super old, but I really do not know where time has gone?

Josh had a great time celebrating his birthday. We are in the midst of his 3-week celebration. I know, I know … it’s a bit much. Anyway - week one: Josh and Trent went to Chucky Cheese; week two: Josh’s family birthday party at our home on Saturday and dinner with some friends on Sunday; week three: celebrating his birthday (and Adalyn’s birthday) in OKC.

I got a new camera so bare with me - I am a little camera happy right now … ;-)

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Josh and Trent

Josh and Trent are best buds and they just love spending time together! 13 days separate the two so they got to celebrate their birthday together at Chucky Cheese. They loved it!

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Trip to OU …Boomer Sooner!

Tim had to go to a recruiting event at OU so I decided to hitch a ride and see some dear friends, Becky & Diona, while he was at his event. Josh, Owen and myself enjoyed seeing everyone again. Josh played with Conner and Rylie and was just exhausted by the time we left. Becky’s husband, Ron, has 2 airplanes at their home and Josh was very impressed with that set-up. I mean, everyone should have 2 planes in the hanger behind their home … right???

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September 8, 2008

Crawling, Pre-K and More ...

Fun, what fun! It is just the story of our life. As most of you know Owen had a little issue at the first of August. Owen stopped breathing at daycare and that landed us in the hospital for a few days where he stopped breathing two more times. It turns out that his acid reflux is SO BAD that it is essentially closing his esophagus. We doubled his medicine and that seems to have done the trick with controlling his reflux and keeping him breathing.

Owen has been doing very well since the incident and hospital stay. The heart monitor did not go off for 2 weeks so we are now off the monitor. We are finally back to “normal” … whatever that is????

In the meantime … Owen started crawling! What a cutie! He also started giving open mouth kisses … who can resist?

Owen crawling …

Josh is in Pre-K now and he is really enjoying it. He has to complete at least 4 assignments a day. If he does not listen to the specific instructions or just does not complete his daily assignments they come home as homework. Wow! Lucky for us, Josh is one of the leaders in the class and his teacher does not believe he will come home often with homework because he really enjoys school.

Josh also started a program called Amazing Athletes today. He has this program once a week and they are going to teach him the basic fundamentals of football, baseball, basketball, tennis, lacrosse and soccer. Since Josh is not old enough to start any program until the Spring, Tim and I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce him to a wide variety of sports and let him pick his interest.

Josh singing his days of the weeks and month of the year

Josh singing "There was a Little Turtle"

Well, until next time ...