February 24, 2009

Owen is Walking!

Yea! Owen has decided to finally walk! It is just amazing what you can do when you can see. Once he took a few steps on Saturday he was like "man, I got this" and off he went. He is walking all over the place now.
So, I took a video and because I did this at 6:30 in the morning, I was really bright and held the camera the wrong way (no comments necessary). I guess I thought I could rotate the video like you do a picture, I guess I was wrong. Oh well, turn your head and enjoy my sweet boy walking this morning.
A weekend of birthday celebrations:

Well, we pretty much took care of the family this weekend with birthday celebrations. We celebrated the following birthday's: Kari, Gene, Karen, Julie and Andy's. We had a good time at both birthday get-togethers.
Here are some pics from the weekend:

February 10, 2009

Owen Gets Glasses!

A few weeks ago Tim (yes, I am giving him full credit) noticed that Owen was starting to cross his eyes. We called the doctor and asked if that was a problem and she referred us to see a Pediatric Optomologist. Owen had an eye exam and they found he is +3.50 with astigmatism in both eyes. Meaning, my sweet 13-month old needed eye glasses. We are hoping the glasses correct his eyes crossing, if not he will require surgery.

He got his glasses yesterday and for the most part he has been really good with them. It has been very moving as it is like he is taking in the world for the first time – he is now seeing the world in high definition! He has just been looking around at everything, pointing at things and saying, “look” – it just melts your heart.

My Dad's Birthday

Well, the family got together for a normal Spencer birthday and celebrated my dad’s 59th birthday. Both Josh and Luke made Papa a special card/drawing and that was really sweet. When my boys and my brother’s boys meet it is simply CRAZY! They are not only cousins, but also friends - and all are such great kids.

Josh is getting ready for soccer!

Josh starts soccer on March 7th and he is so excited! He has his soccer shorts and shin guards and loves wearing them around the house and has even brought them to show-n-tell at school. He tried on daddy’s cleats and while they were obviously too big … he was running around trying to kick the soccer ball. I think this will be a great activity for him!