January 15, 2009

1-Year Pics of Owen

These were taken at home in the evening so there will be more to come ... we have very limited time to work with in the evenings when we get home from work. I have to say ... he is such a sweet boy and is really starting to show his great personality. I love it!

January 4, 2009

New Rooms for Josh & Owen

We started to “re-do” of the boys’ rooms after we got back from Mexico. Josh was in need of a big-boy room so our last day off back in October was spent giving him sports themed room that he could be proud of – here are some pics of Josh’s room …

During our time off last week, it was Owen’s turn for a new room. Owen’s room was in desperate need for a “re-do” – especially since his room was painted in preparation for a little girl. Oops! Oh well, it is now corrected and this little boy has what I consider to be a perfect safari themed room for my little man. Here are pics of Owen’s room …

Happy 2009!!!

On New Years Eve we had to drive Bailey and JR back to Dallas to meet Kim and Ryan. After we did the drop-off, we drove to The Loomis home for dinner. Chris is a friend from Houston – we were great buddies at St. Ignatius youth group. Chris is now married to Jane and they have two very cute children named Marshall and Chloe. Jane was a wonderful hostess and dinner was fantastic. With four kids – all aged 4 and younger – having dinner and bringing in the New Year at their home was a great treat. Thank you Loomis’ for a wonderful evening!

Owen's 1-Year Well Care Visit

Here are the stats:

Length: 30” – 60th percentile
Weight: 24.5 lbs. – 70th percentile

Owen Turns 1 & William Turns 10

Sunday, the 28th of December we all gathered at our home to celebrate my precious Owen’s first birthday and my nephew, William’s, 10th birthday. There are two I can’t believe moments here – first and foremost I cannot believe it has been a year – I know time goes by fast but it really starts to fly when you have more than one child. It feels like he should be 6 months old – not 12! The next I can’t believe moment is William – how in the world is he 10? William is such a sweet kid. William and Owen will now always share a special bond as only one day (and 9 years) separates their birthdays.

Owen loved his cake – he made a mess and needed an immediate bath afterwards but he had a great time “digging-in”! William’s birthday cake was perfect – Boomer Sooner!

Bailey & JR’s Visit

Two days after Christmas, Tim and I drove to Dallas and met my sister, brother-in-law and kiddos and brought back Bailey and JR for some aunt and uncle time. Bailey and JR stayed with us for 4 days and we enjoyed having them. We don’t get to see them as much as I would like so it is nice to get them for a few days. We didn’t do anything too exciting … we simply enjoyed our time together, celebrated birthdays, had a photo shoot, went to a movie, etc. ,etc.
A good time was had by all!

Christmas 2008

It has been awhile since I last updated my blog, and for that I apologize, but since Halloween there really has not been too much going on in our world. Just the normal Thanksgiving and then preparing for Christmas; which leads me to our first update …

Tim and I took off from Christmas Eve at noon until January 5th and we have REALLY enjoyed it! We have enjoyed taking it easy and spending time with our kids.

Josh was so excited this year with Christmas – everything about Christmas seemed to thrill him. If you have not purchased one for your children, I strongly recommend Elf on the Shelf …what a wonderful behavior control device for parents to utilize the entire month of December! Josh named his elf Thomas and now misses him greatly. Thomas made sure Josh was a good listener, cleaned his room, helped around the house, etc, etc. I must admit, I too, miss Thomas!

Santa really excited Josh as well – we made him cookies, poured him milk, sprinkled magic oats on the lawn for the reindeer and almost could not fall asleep with anticipation of what Santa would bring! And of course, Santa did not disappoint and left a plentiful assortment of toys for our boys.

Christmas Day morning is our family time and what took weeks to prepare was quickly unwrapped within what seemed like minutes. Josh was so happy with his new toys – his facial expressions as he opened package after package will warm my heart for many years to come. Owen was more impressed with the paper – man … I could have saved a lot of money! Josh’s favorite Christmas gift was his Leapster and Owen’s favorite gift was a tie between the Busy Ball Popper or Gears and Lights toy – basically if it made noise and had movement it was a success in Owen’s world.

Christmas afternoon is traditionally spent with the Spencer Family. The entire family met at my parents’ house and the gifts that filled the living room was impressive. I can remember being so excited to open gifts when I was little and how the parents always made us wait for what seemed like eternity – I am pleased to now bestow this cruel and unusual torture on my own children and nephews. Ha … it’s good to be queen bee! The Spencer Christmas is always a wonderful time – filled with great food, lots of presents and time with family – what could be better?

The day after Christmas was celebrated with the Govier Family. Karen had tricked Josh with how many gifts awaited him – when we arrived there were only a handful of gifts under the tree. Josh asked me, “mom - is that all the gifts?” and then he was quickly relieved when he went upstairs with his cousin to sort through the piles of presents. Once again, Karen spoiled her family with Christmas and we were all grateful with our gifts. The day after Christmas will always hold a special place in our heart – it was Greg’s birthday – and we spend this day together and remember a great man that is dearly missed!