June 27, 2011

Progress ... as promised!

The house seems to change every day. This weekend we made dramatic changes as the framing and decking were finished. I would guess they would start on the roof next as we are still waiting for the storm shelter to arrive. Tim and I have picked out lighting which was a very long process. I am excited to send in the order tomorrow - it feels good to have one item on our to-do list completed. Yea!

June 21, 2011

Building Our Home

Our new home is really starting to take shape. We have a long way to go before move-in which is estimated to be sometime in late October/early November, but you can now walk through the house to the different rooms. I have recently added a storm shelter and 2 windows in the breakfast nook, so we will not be able to start drywall until those are installed. Luckily, there is still a lot of framing and the roof to be completed so we should not lose any time!?!?

As of last night ...


From a few days ago ...

Front of house and looking into the living room from entry

Master Bedroom and Butlers Pantry/Pantry/Kitchen

Game Room & Josh's Room

Owen's Room and Upstairs Room

Media Room & My Boys ... Being Boys!