July 24, 2008

July Fun ...

July 4th Weekend was a lot of fun. My sister, Kim, and her family came to visit from Houston and it is always so wonderful to see them - we just do not see each other enough. We went to watch the fireworks at Drillers Stadium and it was SO HOT! They did not pop fireworks until after the baseball game so it made for a really long night with the kids. However, Josh always loves watching fireworks - no matter how late he needs to stay up! Some of our friends: Waylon, Melissa, Kami, Jay & Brooke also came to watch the firework spectacular!

Family Trip to Wisconsin


July 11th -17th, the whole fam damily headed to WI to see Tim’s cousin, Jeff, get married. The wedding was on a private island in Oconomowoc and was simply beautiful. The recepetion was at this amazing location called The Golden Mast Inn - it had a German village feel to it and overlooked the lake. The weather was perfect and it was wonderful catching up and seeing the extended Govier family once again.

The top left corner picture (above) is Gene, Avery, Josh and Tim Geocaching (a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers) before the wedding. Thanks Uncle Gene! Josh now asks to do this every day now, meaning next time you are in Tulsa you are getting some one on one time with your nephew. ;-)


After the wedding, Tim, myself, Josh & Owen headed 5 hrs. north to Rhinelander, WI and spent some time with my aunt and uncle at their home on the lake. I do not believe I have been to Rhinelander since I was maybe 10 - so it was good to see my family at their home once again. I was very surprised at the weather - it is what we call "spring time" in Oklahoma. The weather was in high 70's, low 80's and the lake water was a little cold for this Oklahoma girl - reaching a temp of 72 degrees. In the evenings, the weather was in the high 40's to low 50's. It was quite the switch & a nice change from what I am used to July weather being in OK.

Josh really likes the lake! He enjoyed driving the boat (even sleeping while driving - ha!) and exploring the three islands at the lake. The boys and myself also enjoyed a brief moment of relaxation on the hammock - what a wonderful invention!

The picture in the top left corner above is one that I am sure Owen will hate me for ... but, God I love it - he is my "little star". LOL! I think Owen enjoyed the change of pace and getting to hang out with mom and dad ALL DAY!

All in all it was a lot of fun and we are very thankful for our time in Rhinelander.


My Aunt Stephanie had mentioned visiting the Logging Museum in Rhinelander and I thought "oh, really - can we?", but in all actuality - this place was awesome! If you have a little boy that likes trains you just cannot go wrong with the place. Josh loved it, Owen simply slept, but Josh was in awe of all the trains. There was a large G-Scale train set-up in the basement that was crazy - my Uncle Frosty told me that it was set-up like "old-time Rhinelander" the amount of work that went into this must have been nuts! Josh was able to ring the bell of an actual train and was very good at it ... maybe a little too good ... maybe a little too loud!


The day before we left for our flight we headed from Rhinelander to Franklin to see Tim's aunt and uncle - this shortened our time in the car to Chicago so I am sure the kids appreciated it! Spending some additional time with Tim's Aunt Linda, Uncle Randy and his cousin Julie was very nice. As usual, Linda was a great hostess!

We ended up getting to Chicago a little early before our flight which worked out great - we had time to enjoy some Chicago style pizza - yum!

Well, I think that about wraps up the trip ...


Weight Watchers Update:

Tim has lost 30 lbs. and Shannon has lost 10 lbs.

Let the fun continue ... ;-)

July 2, 2008

Owen's 6-mo Well-Care Visit

Owen had his 6-mo well care visit on Friday and the numbers are in:

Length: 26 1/2" - 50th percentile
Weight: 19 lbs. 5 oz. - 80th percentile
Head Circumference: 18" - 92nd percentile

The visit went well and Owen is doing great!