September 29, 2011

Josh’s 7th Birthday

7 years old. Wow. Sweet Josh turned 7 on September 23rd. For his birthday we gave him the option of having a friend party or inviting a few people to go camping. He quickly and firmly chose camping. His first invite was to his best friend, Trent, who lives in Owasso and I am so happy he came. Josh and Trent just have so much fun together – true buddies! Seeing the 2 of them play together and joke with each other is extremely heartwarming.

I have a few coworkers who were extremely generous and let us borrow their camper and the other brought her boat to complete Josh’s camping experience. The boys had so much fun just being boys. The lake water in Oklahoma is now cold, but that did not stop Josh from “getting his feet wet” which then turned into him jumping in the lake fully clothed. Owen enjoyed pushing his brother in when he realized it was okay. I cooked outside for dinner and breakfast and that was fun – everyone seemed to like it – I think? Tim got the privilege of sleeping in a tent for the night with Josh and Trent and Uncle Gene and Avery slept in the other tent. Owen and I chilled out in the camper – because why would you sleep in a tent when you have a camper? Anyone? Anyone? Yea, my thoughts exactly. Haha.

Anyway, some other neat camping experiences were that we had 6 deer come really close to our camp site and Josh and Tim caught their first catfish together. Although I was not present for the fishing outing – it was my understanding that Josh’s expression was priceless. So all in all, we had a whole bunch of boy fun and it was the perfect birthday for Josh. Success!

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