December 5, 2011

That crazy elf, Thomas

Here are some of the adventures our elf, Thomas, has been up to this year. He has become quite ornery and the boys love it! Thanks to Pinterest for the new and fun ideas! Christmas magic is alive and well at the Govier home. More pics to come ...

Rappelling and hanging upside down in the Christmas tree

Having a race with some of the boys cars

Hiding in the juice glass, standing in place of a nut cracker
and riding back from the North Pole on Lego airplane

Thomas brought the boys stickers from Santa.
But, he had to have a little fun with them first …

Roasting marshmallows – elf style

Oh, that stinkin’ elf TP’d our tree- the boys loved this one!

1 comment:

Allison said...

LOVE the elf. Can't we have an elf all the time!?!?